CVL Lists

CVL Lists Migration Update

Server Migration

On Friday, September 24th, 2021 the Colorado State Library migrated its CVL Lists mailing list service to a new server. We also upgraded Mailman (the software that powers the service) so there’s a new (and much improved) interface for administrators and subscribers.

List Addresses

List email addresses have not changed; they are still {list name} They do however have new URLs for their infor/sign up pages, and you can view them at

User Accounts - Subscribers

Your subscriptions have been migrated so you’ll continue to receive emails for your lists, but if you want to customize your list options - e.g. change how frequently you get emails, add your name, etc. - you’ll need to create a new account in the new system. You can do this at Simply sign up using the same email as your list subscriptions and they’ll automatically appear in your new account.

User Accounts - List Admins

Your accounts were transferred to the new system but you’ll need to reset your password at Once you change your password and log in, you’ll see a list of all the lists you subscribe and/or own. To administer one of your lists, simply click through to the list’s information page and you’ll see additional administrator options in a menu at the top of the page.


Please contact Dave at